If You Need To Paint Your House, Read The Truth About Point N Paint Now


How a normal paint scene looks like

Painting has never been an easy and clean task. However, it is a must do when you want to decorate your home. You will want to make sure you paint your wall evenly. You want to save paint.

You will need to cover the edges and corners of sockets, fire alarm, windows, and doors, etc. so that paint won’t stick on them. But the real headache is how to do it fast. You are not the only one that has those concerns. I do, and many others do.

Recently I have tried a new paint tool when I renovate my small work room. It did a great job in my small project, and I’m going to use it in the larger room later. If you are interested, check out my point n paint reviews.

What Is Inside The Package?

The set consists of 1 large painter, one small painter, one paint tray with a roller, and pads. There is no pole included, which is a minus point to the kit. Let’s dig into the details of each tool.

What’s inside the package of a point n paint kit?


  • The point n paint painting system kit has two sizes of painters: a small and a large one. The small one acts the handle for the big painter. When you need to use it, the detach it from the back of the bigger one. It has a round handle.
  • You can hold the large one with your hands, or you can use a pole. As I mentioned above, there is no attached pole within the package. However, the painter goes well with all kind of pole. Therefore, you can still paint your ceiling without a ladder.

Paint tray with roller

  • There is no-spill paint tray with a detachable roller. The roller ensures that the point and paint pad get enough paint, and the paint spread evenly on the pad. When you spin the roller with the painter by moving backward and forward, the pad will absorb the paint all over its surface.

Painting pads

  • You will receive four pads with sponge core and a hairy side for painting: two for the small painter, two for the large painter. So, you have two pads to use right away and 2 point n paint replacement pads. When working with the roller, the pads can hold up to 8 times more paint than normal brush and roller. You will be able to paint longer before refilling the pads.

The Benefits Of The Point And Paint Kit

Point And Paint

It eliminates the use of tape for corner

  • If you have to paint your wall for a couple of times, you definitely understand my pain of using tape to cover the edges of attached stuff on the wall. If you do not cover them, the paint will stick to them. If you cover them, the tape may damage their surface.
  • The shape of the point and paint painters allow it to glide around curves and fixtures. I found the small painter super useful with a small surface and small corner that the bigger one can’t fit. The tip of the painters fills the smallest part of every corner.

It paints evenly and thin

  • The point n paint pads release the paint little by little. That ensures they can spread the paint thin and even. The pads texture also allows them to work on almost every surface. The reason is that the surface of the pad can adapt itself to meet the shape they are working on.
  • I think the pads will work for quite a while. However, it is still very nice to have two point n paint refill pads to change latter. When I can find this kit of point and paint in stores, I’m not sure if I can buy more pads as well.

How long will he finish painting the wall with that brush?

It saves paint

  • The roller while delivers paint to the pads; it also controls the amount of paint the pads carry by scraping off the excess paint. It makes sure every part of the pads receives the same amount of paint that they can hold. Since the pads paint thin and even line, they save a significant amount of paint compared to other paint tools. It covers an impressive part of the wall in one loading.

It paints faster

  • I used the zich-zach motions, backward and forward, to paint the walls that have a rough texture. The pads were doing a pretty amazing job. I didn’t need to reapply paint anywhere.
  • One part of my wall has wallpaper with classic flower pattern deeply embossed. I want to keep the pattern but change the color so painting that area seems like the optimal choice. I painted it in rotating motion. I didn’t hope the point and paint painter will work, but it worked so well.
  • The corners, edges, and curves of windows, doors, sockets, ceiling, wall, etc. were so simple to paint. I didn’t need to carefully paint them (after taping) with a small brush like I did sometimes before. I think that speed up the process quite a lot.
  • Finally, I finished my renovating project in less than 1 hour. What I am most happy about the set is that I made no mess while painting.

Here is a point and paint video that I can find to show you how to use the kit.


For me, the wall painting kit in this point n paint review is an unexpected experience. I am happy with what it can do, especially with corners. I will use the kit in the future in a larger area to see if it still works great compared to other tools.If you ask me about “point n paint where to buy it” like some people did, I didn’t purchase it myself. A friend gave it to me. But I’m pretty sure you can find point n paint in stores. This one, for example: http://bit.ly/point-n-paint

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